Mindful Hawaii October 30, 2021 Community Meeting

Thich Nhat Hanh explains,  “to be fearless does not mean that fear never enters the mind; it means that when it does, it has a good friend, and that friend is mindfulness.” 

You will enjoy getting to know CATHERINE PAYNE and her perspective on mindfulness in education – and in life. She is a fearless educational leader, as former Principal of Farrington High School and Olomana in Kailua, and now as BOE Chair.
In conversation with LYLA BERG, also a former DOE Principal and presently a newly-appointed BOE member, these two intrepid women will share their thoughts on how communication skills, self-reflection, cultural values, and a philosophical foundation about the purpose of education directly impact mindfulness in an educational setting. 

Catherine’s and Lyla’s appearance at our meeting provided a great window into our public education system. 
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