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           Mindful Hawaii:   Building a Foundation for Living with Awareness


Welcome to Mindful Hawaii!  We are a growing community of mindfulness practitioners from different traditions and disciplines working together with a common aim of shaping, contributing to, and sustaining an emerging culture of mindfulness.  This emergent culture of mindfulness will encourage and support individuals, organizations, and communities in their pursuit and use of practices that enable them to delve into their deep consciousness that will, in turn,  spur mindfulness ways in their quest for healthy living, effective organizations and, communal life.

A culture of mindfulness does not replace existing cultures but rather it helps to strengthen and evolve them by facilitating the players within them to become more aware of themselves and others and more open to positive changes.  These qualities are part of the matrix of empathy and compassion which are crucial to the survival of humanity in the 21st century and beyond.  As citizens of the world face mounting pressures impacting their humanity, we need to be concerned and involved locally and globally by seeking solutions that come from the oneness that we are in our common humanity.

The road ahead will be long and filled with serious challenges.  In this context, the aim of Mindful Hawaii is to serve as an organizing agent and resource to individuals, organizations, and communities seeking to employ or already using mindfulness practices in the pursuit of making Hawaii and the world a better place to live.

Come! Explore!  Share your thoughts and suggestions and, join the growing Mindful Hawaii Community.  Together we can make a difference.

Mahalo for visiting us.

Jimmy Toyama