This is the THANK YOU page acknowledging those individuals or groups who have contributed to the growth of Mindful Hawaii and this website. Mahalo Nui Loa!

  • Thank you James Koshiba for helping develop the Mission Statement
  • Thank you Lorna Strand for the Honu poem
  • Thank you Osaki Creative Group for the creation of the logo and banner
  • Thank you Paula Allen, Producer of Mindful Hawaii Olelo broadcasts
  • Thank you Lisa Shozuya for managing the Mindful Hawaii Facebook page and Mindful Hawaii Twitter account
  • Thank you Arleen Garcia-Herbst for taking over the management of the Mindful Hawaii websiteMindful Hawaii Facebook page,Mindful Hawaii Twitter account, and Mindful Hawaii email list
  • Thank you to Melany Melakea for taking on the role of Mindful Hawaii Newsletter Editor
  • Thank you to Marina Piscolich for leading the Mindful Hawaii Mindful Warrior Project