Christmas Foodforest Retreat

Kunkun Duan

March 15 at 5:09 PM ·


Transformation: During Christmas Foodforest Retreat we planted a few mini foodforests, in one of the forest we planted a milkweed tree, a butterfly tree. It is magical that after a few leaves grew out of this tree, some butterfly laid eggs here. Many caterpillars appeared after a few weeks. With the limited food supply only one caterpillar successfully made into a beautiful cocoon at the rosemary tree next to it. Everyday after school Pearl would go see the cocoon and wonder when it will become a butterfly. We learned that the caterpillar has to turn into total liquid before it could turn into a butterfly, so it is deep transformation before reborn. We had rainstorms and heavy wind, we were worried if the butterfly will make it. Yesterday morning it came out beautifully and after a couple hours practicing using new wings, it flew to the blue sky. Butterfly is a symbol of higher spirit transformation, which remind me how we human has to go through samsara continually to reform and deform to be able to transform into a higher level being. May 2020 all of us could transform into a more beautiful form…+5

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