Buddha and Christ

Siddhartha became Buddha

Jesus became Christ

sages for the ages

whose wisdom has guided

those who have decided

these two men spoke

and continue to speak

of compassion and love

virtues we must honor above

all others

recognizing our connection

as sisters and brothers

fathers and mothers

as a world family

this is why I

honor and embrace

and can simultaneously face

the wheel of dharma

and the cross

see them side by side

where they comfortably abide

without contradiction

and with ease of conviction

I study these teachers’ lessons

maybe I’ve too simplistic a mind

yet without struggle I find

I can sit with awareness

and be sincere and true

and be just as comfortable

singing hymns from my pew

my gratitude for wisdom

is immense

it comes from so many places

so many teachings make sense

and coupling Buddhism

and Christianity

isn’t some grave insanity –

only love and compassion

will help our world heal

so at Buddha’s and Christ’s feet

I humbly and lovingly kneel.

-Marion Lyman-Mersereau