Jesse Jones – former Treasurer/Secretary/Webmaster

Jesse Jones is a 34 year throat cancer survivor. After three surgeries and extensive radiation treatments, he was cancer free for 28 years. With all the numerous side effects of radiation (loss of use of left arm, lung disease, clavicle bone infection, not able to swallow, tubefed for last 14 years, and most recently a tracheotomy which allows him to speak in a whisper), Jesse was committed to living a joyful life. He shared life with his wife, Nalani, of 28 years. He’s been a financial planner, real estate investor, property manager, and semi-professional poker player. He started a national non-profit for poker players. He was an avid cyclist; you may have seen him on the road on his Catrike recumbent trike. He was the one with the rainbow flag. One of his favorite mantras was “Nothing is Impossible, Everything is I’mPossible”.

Jesse passed away in 2017. We curate his blog documenting his battle with cancer in his memory.